EZ HAULER S.D.P. Manufacturing

The Easement Equipment Specialist

Product Description

EZ HAULER 2500S.D.P. Manufacturing is the maker of famous and versatile multipurpose EZ HAULER family of  track-wheeled mini derrick machines designed for utility operations personnel.

The mini digger derricks will go places you wouldn’t think of driving a line truck.

Once you get to the work site, the 2500 model has the power to finish the job, with its 2500 lb. lift capacity and its ability to set utility poles up to 50 feet long with ease.

Available EZ HAULER Models:

  • Model 2500
  • Model 3000
  • Model 4100
  • Model 5500

* WARNING: The load capacity of the boom limited to
boom’s extension its angle of elevation. Refer to
Operations Manual for proper handling.

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