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Laminated Wood Poles and Structure Modification


Laminated Wood SystemsLaminated Wood Systems, Inc. is the worlds leading supplier of engineered laminated wood structures and wood pole management products to the electric utility and telecommunication industries. Our patented products are the innovative, and economical solution for many of the infrastructure needs facing the industry today. E-LAM® laminated wood poles are made from an abundant, renewable, managed-growth timber resource.

The patented PhaseRaiser® and PoleEnforcer® systems allow utilities to save significant amounts of money and realize many additional years of service from existing infrastructure. Our extensive North American manufacturing network ensures extensive capacity and allows us to maintain consistent, short lead times.

Laminated Wood Systems Products Include:

E-LAM® Engineered Laminated Wood Structures

E-LAM® Engineered Laminated Wood Utility StructuresLaminated Wood Systems is the industry leader in designing and supplying engineered, time-tested glue laminated structures to the electric utility industry. Building on over 40 years of proven laminated wood history, LWS is continually designing new and innovative solutions to meet the needs of utilities across North America.

LWS supplies structures and pole systems from 25 to 165 ft. in length for any T&D application, including unguyed full tension dead ends. Our nation-wide manufacturing network allows us to deliver orders in size ranging from a single pole to multiple truckloads in approximately 6 to 8 weeks after drawing approval. Since E-LAM® structures are made from an abundant, renewable timber resource, they are not subject to the shortages and surcharges common to other construction materials.

PhaseRaiser® Structure Lifting System

LWS PhaseRaiser® Structure Lifting SystemIf you have groundline clearance problems or are needing to find innovative ways to increase line capacity, the PhaseRaiser® lifting system is the answer. The PhaseRaiser® system is proven to be more cost effective than new line construction, pole change-outs or bayoneting.

To learn how the PhaseRaiser® system can work for you, contact Rauckman High Voltage Sales with your structure type, pole sizes and the range of lifts required.

PoleEnforcer® Groundline Reinforcement System

LWS PoleEnforcer® Groundline Reinforcement SystemToday, perhaps more than any other time, utilities are challenged to provide the same or higher degree of reliability, in a climate of reductions of maintenance budgets, equipment and manpower. An aggressive pole inspection and reinforcing program can save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year over change out costs. Installing the Patented PoleEnforcer® reinforcing system can restore old decayed poles back to new pole strengths for a fraction of the cost of changing them out; extending the service life another 20 – 30 years. PoleEnforcer can be installed with no interruption of power. Most installations with a crew of two take less than one hour from start to finish. The PoleEnforcer driving systems can install reinforcing units in virtually all soil conditions.

Are there poles that cannot be reinforced?
There are virtually no applications where a pole is not a candidate for reinforcing. Laminated Wood Systems offers units to reinforce poles with decay twenty five feet and higher. We also offer a system to reinforce decayed poles with as little as one inch of shell up to twelve inches below the top of the steel unit. Information and test data is available upon request.

PRS Pole Reclassification

LWS PRS Pole ReclassificationThe PRS Pole Reclassification System from LWS enables utilities to reinforce and reclassify existing poles up to three or more classes. The PRS system is an economical way to strengthen and extend the life of existing poles without the cost of expensive pole change outs. Available in galvanized, self weathering or painted steel.

Increase Pole Strength up to 3 or More Classes — The PRS is an economical way to strengthen existing structures which are overloaded or may become overloaded with the addition of cable TV, under-builds, phone cables, or fiber optics.

PRS Avalanche Reinforcement System — The PRS Avalanche Reinforcement System is an economical way to reinforce existing structures against the destructive forces of avalanches and snow creep. LWS engineers will analyze the structure and surrounding terrain and recommend the proper steel members to be attached.

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