Lewis Manufacturing

Wire-Mesh Pulling & Suspension Grips & Ball Bearing Swivels


Lewis Manufacturing Pulling Grips and Ball Bearing SwivelsLewis Manufacturing Company has been a Family Owned business SINCE 1936. Their products have been tested and proven in some of the harshest environments. Their highest quality American made products continue to expand, and are tailored to meet the needs of the future.

Lewis Manufacturing Products Include:

  • Wire Mesh Pulling Grips
    • Made of Plastic Coated Aircraft Strand Steel
    • Overhead and Underground Applications
    • Suspension Grips
    • Fiber Optics Application
  • Ouchless Lewis Grips™
    • Made of Aramid Fibers
    • Lighter Yet Stronger Than Steel
  • Conduit Grips
  • Ball Bearing Swivels
    • Sealed Models
    • Greaseable Models
    • HDD Directional Boring
  • Rubberized Canvas Products
    • Weather Protection Barrier
    • Equipment & Shed Covers
    • Jobsite Tarps
    • Auger Tarps

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