Lincoln Hoist

Lincoln Hoist is a new name for an old company making hoists sold under the LUG-ALL® brand.


Lincoln Hoist is a new name in town, but since 1949 Lincoln Precision Machining Company (a family owned business) has been designing and manufacturing hoists sold under the LUG-ALL® brand. In that time, they have learned a thing or two about building hoists.

Lincoln Hoist’s History of Innovations:

1949 – Introduced the first ratchet lever hoist using double interlocking pawls.
1964 – Patented the first portable ratchet lever hoist with 50 feet of stored cable.
1966 – First web strap ratchet lever hoist introduced.
1969 – Patented breakable stress link system for use with fiberglass handles.
1974 – Introduced the first 6,000lb. portable hoist with self storing cable.
1986 – Produced 1,000,000th portable ratchet lever hoist.
2001 – Introduced convertible web hoist using lynch pin fast attachments.
2010 – Produced 2,000,000th portable ratchet lever hoist.
2011 – Introduced RFID technology.


Lincoln Hoist’s affiliation with the LUG-ALL® Corporation has now ended. They are committed to building a new kind of hoist company, combining their historic level of quality with superior delivery and customer service. Their hoists continue to be made with the techniques and craftsmanship that they have developed over 60 years. They build the hoists that we would want to use, build them with care and pride in the USA.

Products Include:

  • Standard Cable Hoists
  • Rapid Lowering Cable Hoists
  • ASME Series Cable Hoists
  • Standard Web Strap Hoists
  • Convertible Web Strap Hoists
  • RFID Tracking & Reporting System
  • Tension Meters
  • Stress Link Overload Warning System

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