Rauckman Utility Products

Products for Utility Companies & Utility Line Personnel


Rauckman Utility Products (RUP) has been inventing, developing and producing products for Electric Utility Companies to increase operator safety and system reliability.

Rauckman Utility Products started in 1999 with only two products, MeterPuller and Wildlife Shield. Over the years products such as the ZAPshield®, BugWrench™ and Avian Protection covers have been added to the market basket. Today RUP remains a relatively small company, but their products are sold to a broad spectrum of electric utilities throughout the world.

Rauckman Utility Products Include:

  • Animal Mitigation
    • Passive Barrier Wildlife Shield™
    • Active Barrier ZAPshield®
  • Outage Protection
    • ZAPcover™
    • RUP Bushing Cover
    • RUP Stinger Cover
    • Cutout Covers
  • Lineman Tools / Truck Tools
    • MeterPuller®
    • BugWrench™ Insulated Multi-Wrenches
    • RUP Holdtag™ Safety Tags
    • URD Tagging Device
    • Pole Tong for Wood Poles
    • Utility Truck Heavy-Duty Outrigger Pads

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