Rohn Products, LLC

Providing Quality Engineered Utility Structures Since 1948.


ROHN Products has been the trusted name of providing quality engineered utility structures since 1948. ROHN’s manufacturing facility has been certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction. This stamp of quality is present on all of ROHN’s utility structures.

ROHN-Developed Design Software

ROHN uses Power Line Systems’ software coupled with ROHN-developed software for the design of tubular structures and foundations. This allows ROHN to optimize utility pole designs based on customer requirements, manufacturing efficiencies, and material availability. Preliminary calculation packages are sent to our customers for review with their bid packages.

ROHN Products’ On-Site Galvanizing Facility

ROHN Products’ galvanizing facility is on-site. All structural steel is galvanized in accordance with the ASTM A123 Standard. The galvanizing kettle is 8-1/2 feet wide by 51 feet long. Galvanizing begins with selecting the right steel. The purity of the steel, the manufacturing process and chemical composition can all affect the ability of the zinc to bond with steel. Prior to galvanizing, the steel is immersed in a hot acid bath to strip away all traces of corrosion, oil, dirt and impurities. Finished goods are then inspected by QC and staged for shipment.

ROHN’s Products / Capabilities

  • Heavy-Duty Transmission & Distribution Poles
  • Direct Embed & Base Plated Poles
  • Lattice Structures
  • Switches & Substation Steel
  • Galvanized, Weathering & Painted Finishes
  • Tapered Slip Fit or Connection Flanged Poles

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