The Best Clamp-On Sensors.


SensorLink Ampstick PlusSensorLink® was founded in 1985 as an Engineering and Consulting firm, with the mission of providing engineering and research assistance to companies needing to improve their competitive edge using technology. In 1988, SensorLink was approached by a power utility with a request to develop a device that would eliminate the mechanical clamp from measurements of current. An inductive sensor was developed that used no magnetic materials and had no moving parts.

The opening of the sensor is electronically closed and external currents are also electronically rejected. Accuracy, external current reject, and range of currents measured substantially exceed the best clamp-on sensors. The result is the patented sensor that is used in almost all SensorLink products. Today, thousands of SensorLink meters and recorders are in service worldwide.

SensorLink Products Include:

  • Meters
    • Ampstick® High Voltage Ammeter
    • Litewire Fiber Optic Coupled Ammeters
    • Litewire Fiber Optic Coupled Voltmeter
    • Ohmstick Live-Line Ohmmeter
    • Qualstick Plus Power Quality Meter
  • Recorders
    • Amcorder Recording Ammeter
    • Varcorder Amp, Power Factor & VAR Recorder
  • Sensors

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